She’s our ‘mentor wrangler’ with experience to boot! #mentor #tgasw18

Written by  TGASW Crew

Meet Leonie, with this being her fifth time mentoring, she knows Startup Weekend more than your average Joe (or should I say Jane) and is ready to help get some ideas off the ground! 

Tell us a bit about your dealings with the entrepreneurial world so far
I have been in the business of turning ideas into commercial realities for many years.  With a background in product development I have developed and launched a host of new products- some successful, some not so much!  I have been consulting to a wide range of industries for the past eight years, helping businesses commercialise new opportunities, launch new products, and figure out how to tackle new markets. I also help ventures figure out some of the more complicated business decisions they face.  From figuring where to expand their focus, how and where to pivot and occasionally, how to exit.

Tell us a bit about why and how you can help
I love watching great solutions blossom, and Startup Weekends make awesome hothouses for just this! I bring along some experience around cracking the harder bits, and will help you get off the fence and run with what you have. I can sometimes connect you with some very useful people, plus I’ve got some good listening ears for the harder minutes or hours over the weekend. I also have some expertise in payments, so if you need some advice about how to manage this component in your solution, I'm your woman.

Tell us a bit about why you think TGASW is a good thing?
Startup Weekends are an amazing experience for everyone involved. I love them - this will be my fifth time mentoring. You may get something entirely different than you expected out of the experience, but you can guarantee that you will meet some amazing people and deliver way more in 54 hours than you ever imagined you could.

Well that’s a wrap for mentors! If you’d like to see who the judges are click here. To see the awesome facilitators, click here.

And if you have yet to sign up for Startup Weekend, why wait? There will be so many amazing people in the room to support you and your own development of a startup idea. For last chance tickets, click here.

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