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Written by  TGASW Crew

She’s all about social entrepreneurship - meet Kristen; a writer, producer, and social entrepreneur who has crossed the fence to join the impact investing scene. 

Tauranga Startup Weekend’s next announced judge is Kirsten Joiner, the Director of Impact Investment for Enterprise Angels, an angel investor network, Co-Founder of Scenarios USA, a nonprofit pioneering a human rights approach to sex education, Co-Founder of Badger Rock School, an intermediate school using sustainability projects to teach core subjects, and Co-Founder of Mpower, a nationally recognized model for fighting climate change. Kristen’s work has been featured in the New York Times, The Today Show, Stanford Social Innovation Review, among others.

As a social entrepreneur who has jumped the fence to the investor side, Kristen comes at impact investing with a capital “I,” for impact first, and very much from the perspective of the entrepreneur. A current focus of Enterprise Angels is on bringing their investors on a journey to understand impact investment and connecting them to entrepreneurs with great ideas and organizations. It’s an exciting time!

Kristen shares with us what excites her about entrepreneurship and what she is looking forward to with Tauranga Startup Weekend | Impact?

What are the elements of starting up a business that get you most excited?
I love it when I can’t stop thinking about something - when I want to eat, sleep, and drink a social or environmental problem and then relentlessly iterate until I find a solution that works. Even if it takes seven years, which is how long it took us to hit on the solution at my first organization, Scenarios USA.

What is the most important thing that entrepreneurs should know?
Every entrepreneur follows their intuition at various points in the journey and this makes us feel like we’re groping our way down a dark tunnel. It’s very important that we know that this is normal.

What ideas would you like to see from Tauranga's Startup Weekend | Impact participants?
I am open to any ideas!

What’s the best way for participants to capture your interest when pitching their idea?
I love it when social or impact entrepreneurs can talk passionately about a problem and then speak articulately about their theory of change and logic model. I also really appreciate it when people openly express a willingness to be wrong and learn, this is how we will come together to solve the most complex global problems – if we can commit to going on a journey of trying, admitting when we’re failing, learning, and trying again.


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