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Born in Hong Kong, grew up in NYC and currently hanging around Tauranga looking for the next big opportunity!

Randy Ng has been self-employed since leaving his last “job” in June 2006. His current project is Autism Early Enrichment Services (AEES), a provider of home-based therapies to children diagnosed with Autism in NYC.

Here is a quick snapshot of Randy's entrepreneurial journey so far and what he will offer participants:

"The essence of entrepreneurship is a state of mind fundamentally positioned to identify and act on opportunities. My journey as an entrepreneur began after I left my last job in 2006. It was not conscious at the time but I knew my path forward would be in seeking and acting on opportunities.

My first project was replicating a film-based anti-bullying curriculum that my now ex-business partner founded in Australia. Even though this project ultimately “failed”, I have no regrets because it was a high impact project that profoundly affected many lives.

I learned valuable lessons that informed my next two ventures, which are both still active and successful. An important lesson is the realization that human resources is a project’s greatest asset.

What I bring to Tauranga Startup Weekend is a keen eye for identifying opportunities, assembling teams, developing strategies and ultimately operationalizing business ideas. I am so excited to participate as a mentor this weekend and hope to meet some of New Zealand’s top entrepreneurial minds!

My project links:

www.storiesofus.com (inactive)

www.umamimadison.com (active)

www.aees.us.com (active)"

Get support from those who have been before!

Jump in on 11-13 August and get your ticket Tauranga Startup Weekend  here

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