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Annie Romanos​ helps entrepreneurs get into the right mindset to take the right next steps in order to get their brilliant selves and ideas off the ground.

She’s spent over 10 years mentoring and coaching, learning from world class coaches such as Jamie Smart®. She’s also a certified Strengthsfinder 2.0 coach.

Here is why Annie is part of the event:

"I’m fascinated by people who are the rebels in this world. That’s one of the number one attributes I see in all the entrepreneurs I have met, including myself and my clients. They are visionaries, changemakers, rule breakers.

Ever since I started my own business two years ago, I’ve been on a mission to support fellow entrepreneurs to know themselves and their strengths, and to get into the right mindset to have the unstoppable courage and tenacity that is needed to bring their ideas to reality and get the results they want. After careers in advertising and international development, I realised that I had an inner entrepreneur that was screaming to be let out! And I haven’t looked back since I started my own coaching business, Wholehearted Work.

I can help during the weekend with my acute perceptiveness and drive to help people shape their own unique brilliance and ideas into a viable, lucrative career or business, taking into account who they really are, their strengths, passions and smarts. I have a Masters in Development and am a certified StrengthsFinder™ coach. And I know that 80% of success is mindset.

I believe TGASW is an absolutely brilliant service, because good ideas need good people, and it’s impossible to achieve success on our own. I love the concept of the Start Up Weekends, and I’m thrilled to see they are gaining traction not only in Tauranga, but other parts of NZ as well."

Get support from those who have been before!

Jump in on 11-13 August and get your ticket Tauranga Startup Weekend  here

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