It builds resilience and challenges your thinking #mentor #tgasw17

Written by  swteam

Laura is a UX/UI designer at Springtimesoft Consulting, and cofounder of MUV Events with a love for sharing stories and connecting people. 

Having been involved with Startup Weekend over the past few years, she is passionate about the impact that it has on individuals and their community. 

Tell us a bit about your dealings with the entrepreneurial world so far...

My first foray into the entrepreneurial world was at Startup Weekend Auckland. I showed up with very little awareness of what was going to occur over the next couple of days - validation, lean canvases and entrepreneurship were totally foreign to me. However after the weekend I was hooked - our team, Garden Genie, won Startup Weekend and went on to compete and win in the Global Startup Battle, I ended up working with several members of my team in different capacities and projects and never looked back.  Since then, I have spent the past couple of years helping to organise Startup Weekends in Auckland, and have seen a lot!

Tell us a bit about why and how you can help (the skills and expertise you bring, your passion for etc)

As a UX/UI designer my role is to find the sweet spot between the customer needs, the technical capabilities and the business goals. At the forefront of this is creating the best possible experience for the people using the product or experience.  I’m passionate about socially and environmentally minded business and hope to help Startup Weekenders consider how they can solve real problems facing their customer and the wider community.   

Tell us a bit about why you think TGASW is a good thing?

Participants might leave with a startup they hope to work on, a job offer, a new friend/colleague, a new set of skills, or just the satisfaction of having achieved something different - and all of those outcomes are incredible and exciting! What I think is incredibly important and unique about Startup Weekend is the resilience it builds and the challenge to think in a different way.

Get support from those who have been before!

Jump in on 11-13 August and get your ticket Tauranga Startup Weekend  here

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