Tauranga Moana gets connected

Around twenty members of Tauranga Maori Business Association (TMBA) and representatives of Enterprise Angels got together last month to explore how they could help each other create more quality companies and economic success in Tauranga Moana, together.

Tina Jennen, Venture Manager of Enterprise Angels (EA) kicked off the evening with a comprehensive presentation about the Angel Investment process. She began by highlighting the recent activities of EA, including $9.5m of investment to date.

Tina explained members of New Zealand’s largest angel investment network are looking for various types of opportunities. They are looking for companies which will find acquirers, where the founders and investors ‘exit’ the business to achieve a return on their investment, and other investments in ‘generational’ opportunities.

“We understand the people in our region are not always looking to build a company to sell it. Often the goal is to build a successful business to be handed on from generation to generation, with assets that will remain the property of the people. Enterprise Angels members are quite unique in the way they consider this type of investment opportunity” she explained.

This was good news to the assembled crowd, a mix of small, lifestyle business owners, trustees and large, asset-rich organisations from Iwi based in the Western Bay.

“It’s great to hear that there can be a good fit” commented Ellis Bryers, Excecutive Director and Board Member of TMBA. “Many of our members are committed to holding onto our resources, so this is exactly the kind of presentation we need to seed relationships that could really help them build into sustainable and generationally successful businesses”

“Pathways for Maori and non-Maori to do business are extremely valuable – our combined knowledge, history and experience can benefit the Runanga in Western Bay of Plenty”, said Ellis. "Both Mike (Minnell, Chairman –TMBA) and I look forward to exploring these opportunities further. There was at least one of our members in the room with the potential to use the Enterprise Angels Investment opportunity now, and many others that will take advantage of the entry level events, programmes and workshops to make use of EA in the future.”

Click here to see the Enterprise Angels presentation to learn more about the investment process.

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