Build your business team

As business owners, of all sizes, we’re often compelled to go it alone, stick with what we know, keep to our immediate network.

Often we see it as part of being a ‘real’ New Zealander, after all, we’re original and unique, “self-made” men and women, are we not? We’ve done what it takes to get where we are, made the necessary sacrifices.

For many of us, business has become a carefully-orchestrated game of stretching immediately available resources and sticking with the tried and true methods we’ve used for years.

Calling in extra help would be like cheating or failing… right?

People might think we’re not capable?

Not so.

In fact, growing your network, connecting with new resources that can help you launch, improve, change, is not only one of the easiest ways to prevent burnout yourself, it’s also one of the best ways to grow your business as a whole.

If running a business is a game, then consider it a team sport – and the skills of networking and delegation are the best power-ups available.

In fact, it would be a mistake not connect, bring new people, from businesses and organisation’s with skills, resources and services to help you win, on to your team....

This Tuesday Tauranga Maori Business Association are hosting an evening to introduce you and make a connections with some valuable team players here in Tauranga.

You will get an introduction to what they do, specifically what to look for, what services you either can’t or don’t want to do that they can help you with.

Finding and making new connections can be a nerve-wracking process. TMBA’s event this Tuesday 22nd will make the process less anxiety-inducing – you’ll know what and who to look for.

The main presenter, Tina Jennen, from Enterprise Angels will give you an overview of the services, products, resources, and partners they work with to help you answer questions like;

* Is my idea worth turning into a business?
* What do I need to do to turn my idea into a business?
* How do I get investment for growing my business?
* Who can I connect with help me with all this?

In addition TMBA member Carla Beazley (Rythmz Dance Co) and Andrew Coker (Priority One) will also present.

You don’t have to be a member of Tauranga Maori Business Association to come to the evening but numbers are strictly limited so please RSVP to info@tmba.org.nz

The evening begins at 5.30pm, Ignition Co-Working Space, Ground Floor, 29 Grey Street, Tauranga.

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