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H*A*S*H tag

Support council funding for digital enablement #DEPtga #DEPwbdc

Support council funding to digitally enable people in Tauranga and Western Bay #DEPtga #DEPwbdc

H*A*S*H tag #DEPtga #DEPwbdc

Name: Matt Cowley
Tauranga City Councillor
Location: Tauranga New Zealand
Asked via:@venturecentrenz #EE5 at @TheIncubator

Of particular interest to entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, founders, business owners in Tauranga.

Page 11, of Tauranga City Council's Annual Plan TCC LTP, outlines funding for digital enablement of our communities and businesses.

Its very short entry but the intention to devote funds to the "Digital Enablement Plan" for Tauranga City Council and Western Bay District Council can have a great impact on our city.

Its aim; to increase capability, develop a digital mindset, skillsets, toolsets (and making sure they CAN use Councils improved digital platform) is key to improving our economy locally and removing our reliance on dairy (still our biggest economic driver).

This is the kind of funding that gets put on entrepreneurial communities in other cities and here it is just a start. Give it your support.

Add your feedback on Tauranga City Council's Annual Plan TCC Annual Plan and leave feedback.

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