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H*A*S*H tag

Ticket sales to support local art & music collaboration #ArtMusicColab

The Lyre of Tauranga The Lyre of Tauranga Image courtesy of the Bay of Plenty Times

Ticket sales to support local art & music collaboration

H*A*S*H tag #ArtMusicColab

Name: Hella Bauer
Founder: www.hellabauer.com
Location: Tauranga New Zealand
Asked via:@venturecentrenz #EE5 at @TheIncubator

The Lyre of Tauranga

In 2013 John Knotts walked into the Incubator and was offered a cup of tea by director Simone Anderson. From there hatched the performance of the Lyre of Tauranga on 2 April 2016, 6.30 pm @ The Baycourt Theatre.

John Knotts built The Lyre of Tauranga, a replica of the first string instrument and precursor of today’s guitar, from NZ materials. He originally fell in love with the Lyre’s story and its depiction as a teenager, and spent many months from 2013 to recreate the ancient instrument.

Over a cuppa he talked to Simone about his lyre and his desire to hear it performed. The project snowballed: the Incubator coordinated people, applied for funds and spread the word about the lyre and its performance.

Baycourt theatre offered a concert venue and countless volunteers began to contribute their time to support the performance.

The Film Collective is now preparing a video to document the development and performance of the Lyre. Sundus Abdul Hadi is an Iraqi/Canadian artist who provides the Lyre’s cultural context with a multimedia contribution.

Natalia Mann, a harpist with experience in indigenous and classical music, composed the music for the Lyre in response to Sundus’ art, and she will perform those compositions on the Lyre with Jo’el Komene and his taonga puoro, ancient Maori instruments.

The performance on 2 April, at 6.30 pm at the Baycourt theatre, celebrates hope and revival, the dedication of people from across the globe, and the effects of a cup of tea with a stranger.

Story from the BOPTimes The Lyre story.

Come to April 2nd concert at Baycourt. Details and bookings Book tickets for The Lyre.

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