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Here is the list of mentors, their superpowers, conveniently organised in their 'SuperPower Team' so that you know who to call on for what. 

Meet Leonie, with this being her fifth time mentoring, she knows Startup Weekend more than your average Joe (or should I say Jane) and is ready to help get some ideas off the ground! 

Laura is a UX/UI designer at Springtimesoft Consulting, and cofounder of MUV Events with a love for sharing stories and connecting people. 

Leonie has been in the business of turning ideas into commercial realities for over 15 years. 

Need help? Check out the mentors list and who can help where!

Dr Alistair Scarfe (PhD, BE) earned a PhD in Industrial Automation

Tina is a connector and lateral thinker

Director of Firefly Creative digital agency Liz Wood has a passion: bringing her clients online story to life

Sam is not only co-founder of NZ based legal software company lawvu.com, he's mentored at over fifteen Startup Weekend events... and counting!

You know when you've met Erika! Tons of knowledge, plenty of expertise, infectious enthusiasm, a listening ear... and sound reality checks.

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