The People of Tauranga Startup Weekend 2019 

Meet Karleigh one of our Startup Weekend participants this year. We met her at our pre-TGASW19 event at Groundswell Festival’s Lunch & Learn at Our Place Tauranga. She was so enthusiastic and listened to Pascale’s lowdown presentation on the Lean Canvas with great amazement.

“I can do this, if you explain it like this. I actually understand how I can make a difference now”

Karleigh decided then and there that she wanted to join us for Tauranga Startup Weekend Sustainable Development Goals. Less than two weeks later the pitches started at Basestation. Wearing autism with pride and educating others along the way this woman truly inspired lots of people this weekend by her personal involvement.

Karleigh was so brave standing up in front of everyone pitching her story about how she wanted to change the system and include people with disabilities. Changing the world towards a sustainable future one step at a time. Developing a platform to bring people with disabilities together and provide resources.

Here at Tauranga Startup Weekend, we like to be an inclusive bunch. That is why we had a chat with Karleigh about things she needed to make her Startup Weekend experience with us the best one ever.
We created our first ever quiet space for participants to take a break from their teams and disruptions at the venue, provided special food requests executed by Mario hustling up some yummie vegan sushi and preparing finger food for her to enjoy.

Making sure there was always a crewmember, facilitator or mentor there to help. That is what the true Startup Weekend community experience is all about.

What can we learn from Karleigh? Well, nothing should stop you from achieving your goals. Ask those questions, join the community and make sure your ideas are heard. Karleigh had an amazing team experience working with different people on projects she never came across before.

"Tauranga Startup Weekend taught me so many things, now I know what I need to do and what I do and do not want for my ideas" 

If you want to participate in a future event and have any questions about how we can help you take that next step. Make sure you get in touch!  

Are you curious about joining our community? Or do you want to have a chat about opportunities we can provide in the Startup Community, regardless of what disability you might have, contact us!

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Photos by: James Oliver  &  Salina Galvan Photography

A big thank you goes out to all of the hard work of our volunteers over the weekend as mentors, judges, and our 2019 organising team. This weekend would not be able to be a success without our sponsors for supporting the Startup Weekend community, helping local volunteers, help local entrepreneurs get started!

What happened during Startup Weekend 2019?

This year's teams developed businesses around community development, education, innovation, environmental conservation, sustainable fashion, financial investment, tourism and business development, that all aligned with an array of 17 SDG's. With a multitude of different backgrounds, skills and experiences, of both participants and volunteers, teams did incredibly well to tackle such large scope issues, and generate a business model that is orientated around the SDGs, expanding potentials of one and other, and what can be worked on further to really make a difference in Aotearoa, and the world. 

This year's event also carries a few milestones, with the TGASW being the first Startup Weekend to focus specifically on the SDG's in New Zealand, second in the world. This is such a milestone as Tauranga working toward sustainability across the 17 platforms. Ta is not just the first to focus in on the SDGs, but is also the first female facilitated event in New Zealand! Lead and facilitated by two incredibly strong and intelligent women, Sacha MacDonald and Renee Raroa, who powered through and carried the teams through all stages of the sprint that is Startup Weekend.

The fuel for participants throughout the weekend is good food. Continuing to align and work toward the SDG's, this weekend's meals were completely plant-based – and it was delicious! Provided by Fish Face, who specifically catered this event to be completely Vegan, customised their menu for this event especially! As delicious as the food was, we did have leftovers, and meeting SDG #2 - No Hunger, any uneaten food was donated to Under the Stars, who provide food to homeless in Tauranga, which fed another 60 people over the weekend.

I have had an incredible time over the 52 jam-packed hours of this weekend – it is extremely humbling being surrounded by such great and motivated individuals, so thank you for bringing me in to be a part of the Tauranga community, I'll be sure to see you all soon!

A BIG thank you goes out to all of the hard work of our volunteers over the weekend as mentors, judges, and especially our 2019 organising team. This weekend would not be able to be a success without the support, dedication, and involvement of all those within the Startup Weekend and Tauranga community including our sponsors for supporting this event to help local volunteers, help local entrepreneurs get started!

The Mentors: 

The Crew: 

We're always looking for great companies to get involved and help support the community, so get in touch about our next event!
If you want to be a part of the madness and attend another Startup Weekend in Tauranga click the link below and follow us for details!
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