Startup kit : Idea Validation Kit

Take an idea out of your head into a business reality

Are you an ideas person?

Have people called you ‘visionary’?

Are you constantly coming up with new ways to do stuff?

Are you a problem solver?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above and you’d like to:

• Develop your idea into a business
• Learn the tools you need to use
• Get a methodology for steps you need to take to be successful
• Connect to investor networks and industry
• Meet and network with like minded individuals sharing a passion for entrepreneurship

Idea Validation Kit is for you!


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What is the Idea Validation kit?

Tools, technologies, methodologies and coaching in a series of 6 group workshops.

Workshops run for 2 hours twice a week for two weeks.

Then a two-week break gives you a chance to go out and apply what you’ve learned.

Then in the last 2 workshops you bring all your new found knowledge together and prepare a business presentation.

How does it work?

• By giving you the latest tools used worldwide to start successful businesses

• By helping you bring your idea to reality

• By connecting you to mentors and like minded people

What will I learn?

• How to unpack your idea

• How to be sure your idea is something that solves a real problem for someone

• How to articulate your idea so people know how they will benefit and want to buy

• How to demonstrate your idea will work before you spend time & money making it

• How to work out what you really need from local mentoring, incubation, acceleration, service companies & investment to power your idea up.



How will it help me?

It will help you to:

• focus on & understand your customer

• clearly separate assumptions from facts (something investors want to hear!)

• gather evidence to support claims

• move quickly and validate your idea or ‘fail fast' and move on to a better idea.

Who is it for?

People who want to get an idea our their head and test it ahead of launching it as a business.

Who is it not for?

People who:

• want others to do the work for them

• are not willing to share their ideas, findings, results and learn in a group

• do not like feedback or alternate views

• are not flexible, willing to iterate on their ideas based on evidence and feedback.

What is it?

It’s NOT a course with lectures, course notes and a certificate of completion (or endurance!).

Our workshops are hands-on – together we will work on your idea, mentor you and coach you along the way, and you’ll receive access to world class tools and methodologies you can re-use even after our workshop has ended.

You will get the most out of the Idea Validation kit by taking the tools and methods and using them for yourself, working on your idea.

You’ll gain experience (much more useful than a piece of paper with a pretty crest on it!), confidence and potentially customers in the process!

Will my idea be protected?

Workshops run under ‘Chatham house rules’ so no one will explicitly share exactly what your ideas is, however the proven successful methodology you’ll learn requires you go out and speak to people about your idea to ‘validate’ it before wasting money, time and effort building something people don’t want.

What can I expect from this workshop series after the 6-week period?

The outcome of the workshop series will depend on your willingness to drive your idea using the tools, resources, information, concepts, and people you’ve been connected to.

So, what do I get for my money? 

• 6 workshops with 2 facilitators, experienced in startups and launching products globally (valued at $2000)


• 2 hours of coaching from facilitators in office hours (valued at $150 p/h consultancy)


• A 12-month licence to software where you keep all the details of your idea together and make it easy to collaborate with your group and others during and after the workshop (valued at $100) 


• A 12 month Basestation membership (includes discounts) (valued at $120.00 p/a) 


• Ability to be seen by investors and make those necessary connections you need to be successful (priceless)


• Tools, resources and reference materials from the kit to use again and again (priceless)


Total value in excess of $2820

Early bird price TBA (Full price $ 1200)

Minimum dollar savings of $2220



Conditions to be accepted into a workshop group

Commit to 4 sessions in person at Basestation (any less and you won’t get value out of the workshop, the group and the connections)
Can’t come to up to 2 sessions? You will have access to the resources online and will be able to participate to online conversations – remote access can be arranged.

Refund Policy

Plans change. We get it. But if you can't make it for the whole workshop series, please email us at least 7 days before the scheduled event date.
No refunds will be given after this time.

Why is Venture Centre offering Idea Validation Kit?

• To increase the quality of new enterprises launched in Tauranga

• To improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural success of the Bay of Plenty – because entrepreneurs with good ideas are the only ones who can make this success happen!

• To increase the quantity of opportunities for the biggest group of Angel Investors in New Zealand (Enterprise Angels, right here in the Bay of Plenty!) to invest in local people

• To deliver a first-hand experience of what being an entrepreneur is all about, which will push you out of your comfort zone, move you forward and open up a world of new opportunities!


6 2hr workshops
Max 6
BYO Device
Best results Min 4hrs p/w